Critical Illness Insurance


What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Why do you need Critical Illness Insurance in Brampton?

Critical Illness Insurance ensures your financial stability while you fight a serious disease and gives you time to recover from it without any stress. Treatment for critical illnesses and recovery periods are entirely different from normal diseases. The treatment is quite costlier, and the recovery period is much longer. There is a possibility that some illnesses might impact your health permanently. The coverage under OHIP insurance and other private health insurance is not sufficient to ease your financial burden.

Critical Illness Insurance provides you with coverage for the expenses you bear during treatment as well as while recovering from a critical illness. A lump sum amount is given as compensation covering your treatment expense including any type of illness-related travel expenses you have incurred. The insurance covers expenses for both treatment as well as recovering time period.

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Coverage offered under Critical Illness Insurance in Brampton

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