Simplified Life Insurance


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insurance policy.

A Life Insurance policy, without a medical examination!

Many Canadians face rejections of life insurance applications because of different reasons. Most of them are related with pre- existing medical conditions, risky lifestyle choices or risky job profiles. Simplified Life Insurance comes in when other life insurance is not of much help. Simplified Life Insurance also known as Non Medical Life Insurance, does not require you to undergo any type of medical examination. However, you have to fill out a small health specific questionnaire.      

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Simplified Life Insurance details

As Simplified Life Insurance provides less information to the insurer about the applicant’s health condition making it difficult to calculate risk involved. Because of that reason the premium of Simplified Life Insurance is higher as compared to other life insurance plans. Simplified Life insurance helps you get insured for the time period you want and the premium will depend upon the coverage you opt for.

Simplified Life Insurance is for individuals

Limitations of Simplified Life Insurance

Ez Financial offers specialized insurance services that helped us in building a brand image and a strong customer base over years. The plans offered are tailored as per the need, limitations and financial goals of our clients. We have a vast network of renowned insurance companies that make it possible for us to offer best insurance solutions within our client’s budget. We can help you find the most suitable insurance product that meets your short term or long term requirement. We offer Simplified Life Insurance and aim at making the whole process fast and as client friendly as possible.     

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