Permanent Life Insurance Policy


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Permanent Life Insurance your family’s safety blanket

If you are looking for an insurance policy that provide coverage for your whole life and secure you family’s future after you are gone. Permanent Life Insurance also commonly recognized as Whole Life Insurance. After your demise, a lump sum payment is given to the nominee and no tax will be applicable on the same. Apart from tax- free compensation, Permanent Life Insurance provides you the benefit of earning profit in the form of dividends and also earn cash value over the life of the policy. A Permanent Life Insurance policy enables you to secure your family’s future along with building wealth in the long run.   

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Why go for Permanent Life Insurance?

Cash value you earn will grow with time and you can borrow money against it. It is possible to take loans by keeping cash value as collateral. You can withdraw the amount but it will get deducted from the death benefit. You may also have to pay tax on the withdrawal of cash value.

Factors impacting Permanent Insurance policy cost

Ez Financial are experts in providing insurance solutions. We have different Permanent Life Insurance Plans i.e. Universal Life Insurance and Participating Life Insurance and suggest the most suitable plan as per your requirement. 

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