Disability Insurance Coverage


How having Disability Insurance can help?

Disability Insurance is a type of insurance that compensates for the lost income in case you suffer any type of permanent or temporary disability in Brampton. Other insurance options available generally cover treatment-related and hospital expenses. Whereas disability insurance provides monthly payment as a replacement that covers a part of your monthly income till you are not fit to work. A disability can be a severe injury, a serious disease, or a mental problem. If it is limiting your ability to work normally and resulting in a long or permanent break from your job then it is considered a disability. You can buy disability insurance as an individual or group insurance policy. The Workers’ Compensation and Benefits plan offered by the Canadian government also provides benefits against disability but to file a claim you need to fulfil specific criteria.

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Benefits of Disability Insurance in Brampton


Types of Disability Insurance plans

The time duration and amount of monthly benefit offered by disability insurance will depend upon the type of insurance you choose. Options available are:

There are other disability insurance plans that offer coverage with different benefits. You can consult an insurance advisor and discuss different options in detail. You can choose the plan as per your priorities. We can help you get the right guidance and select the right plan fitting your requirements. Want to know more about disability insurance? Contact Us Now!

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