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If you are looking for a good investment option along with life insurance benefits then you must explore Segregated Funds. Canada Segregated Funds are a type of investment that are market-based made with an aim of increasing the value of invested amount. A segregated fund allows insurer or policyholder avail both capital appreciations which depend on the equity market and life insurance benefits. A segregated fund is also known as a Seg Fund.
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How Segregated Funds works?

Seg funds are a good buy for those who are not ready to take huge risks but are still looking for an investment that can earn them high returns. Seg funds give you a guarantee of full or a part of your investment or say principal amount even after investment. If the value of invested amount increase, then benefits will be earned at the end of the policy but if the market fall, the losses will be diluted depending upon the terms of the policy you purchased. If you die the benefits or compensation will be given to the nominated person.

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