International Student Health Insurance Provider in Canada


When and why do you need Student Insurance?

Canada has several top-ranked institutions across the world that provide excellent education starting from regular to specialized courses to more than 50,000 students including foreign students every year. Apart from education, Canada is also renowned for its health care system and facilities the Canadian government provide for their permanent citizens. They also have plans to keep visitors as well as students that allows them to avail themselves of quality healthcare services in need and save them from any additional financial burden because of the bills. There is international student health insurance available for foreign students that help them in their time of medical need. Canadian law has made it mandatory for students coming from other countries to have international student health insurance in Canada.
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What is Student Insurance and who need it?

There are three types of students in Canada and they are:

feature 4Canadian students studying in a different country


Canadian students studying in a different country

feature 5Canadian student studying in a different Canadian province


Canadian student studying in a different Canadian province

feature 6Foreigners coming to Canada for studying


Foreigners coming to Canada for studying

There are different travel insurance available in Canada that can provide coverage to Canadian residents travelling abroad or to another Canadian province. Canada’s health insurance plans provided by the government vary from province to province. But there is no such option for international students. Foreign students who are planning to study in Canada should go through the provincial health insurance plans of their province.

Students have their own way of living and need insurance that fulfils their specific requirements with unique insurance terms and conditions. International Student Insurance is specially designed for foreign students considering their needs. International student insurance provides health-specific coverage to individuals coming from overseas for the purpose of studying. Coverage is for any type of disease, pre-existing illnesses or for any unexpected health emergencies.

The coverage given under the International student insurance plan is different for every Canadian province. International students studying in provinces like Ontario or Yukon have to purchase either private insurance or enrol under University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).

While other Canadian provinces have their own insurance plans for foreign students. Before shifting to Canada it is important that you do proper research and choose an insurance plan as per provincial requirements.

Benefits of Student Insurance for International Students

Although having health insurance is a mandatory requirement to fulfil if you want to study in Canada

The facilities covered under the international student health insurance will depend upon the type of plan. It is possible that you have to pay a certain portion of medical bills as deductibles. Therefore, before choosing the right plan for you, you need to compare monthly premiums, covered facilities and deductibles. The premium of insurance will depend on your lifestyle, medical history and pre-existing illness.

International Student Insurance is required by

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