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Want to save for retirement, go for RRSP

There are several plans designed by the Canadian government that helps you boost your savings amount with the help of tax relief and other additional benefits. Although each program has different terms and conditions their end objective is the same i.e., help you make the best of your invested money. RESP, RRSP, and TFSA all help you save and invest but on different terms and conditions. You must understand the benefits offered and limitations of each plan in detail, and understand the differences before investing.

What is a Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP) in Canada?

Canada Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP) is a type of savings plan/account for Canadians who want to save funds for their retirement. The plan was introduced by the government of Canada in 1957. It also offers the tax benefit to the individual i.e., the amount invested in this account & returns are tax-free. You can lower the taxes you are paying by making investments in Registered Retirement Saving Plan.

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Some of the important factors of RRSP account are

Each year you have to deposit your contribution in the RRSP account before the closing of that financial year if you want to show it in income tax books for that respective year. The tax benefit for current year will be given on the contribution deposited till March of next year. There are ways to maximize RRSP contribution. One of the ways is by taking an RRSP loan.

Advantages of investing in RRSP

It is possible to withdraw the amount from an RRSP account but you have to pay tax on the withdrawal amount. The tax will be according to the withdrawal amount and on how much you earn. It is wise to withdraw the amount before maturity in certain situations. If the repayment of withdrawal amount is done timely then loans taken through RRSP Home Buyers Plan or Registered Retirement Saving Plan Lifelong Learning Plan will be tax-free.

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