Travel Insurance


Benefits of having Travel Insurance

Travelling has become a major part of our life. People like to travel and explore different places and cultures across the globe. Most of us have already started travelling or are planning our trips abroad. Travelling to distant places is exciting but is also very risky. There is always a risk of theft or getting ill or accident. People easily get confused between travel and visitor insurance. Where visitor insurance is for visitors coming to explore Canada, travel insurance is for Canadians planning to travel within or out of Canada. If you don't want your trip to become a terrifying experience, it will be wise to be on safer side and have travel insurance.
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Why go for Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides you financial back-up in case you have any health or travel-related emergency while you are travelling to another country.

Different types of Travel Insurance plan

There are plans available that provide different coverage, you can choose depending upon your requirement. Insurance plans are mostly yearly or maximum 15 months and available for single or multiple trips. Cost of the plan will be as per the plan coverage you decide. Different types of coverage available are:

Key points while purchasing Travel Insurance plans

Planning Future Travel?