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What is Super Visa Insurance?

There are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed when you are visiting a foreign land. In Canada, if the visitor wants to stay for a longer period of time, getting approval for the super visa is important. Super visa is specifically for parents or grandparents who are willing to stay in Canada for a longer time period. Other visas like visitor visa or student visas allow their visits to Canada but for a shorter time period maximum of up to 6 months.

Why Super Visa Insurance?

Super Visa is a visa specially designed for parents and grandparents who wants to spend time with their children and grandchildren and need to stay for 2 years or more in Canada. Super Visa Insurance helps super visa holders in getting coverage for medical emergencies. As per Canadian law, only Canadian citizens are covered under Canadian health insurance policies be it public or private. Super Visa insurance is specially designed for providing financial assistance if they meet any accident or medical problems during their trip. Without insurance, medical expenses can be a handful and result in a huge financial burden. Having health insurance through a Canadian insurance provider for getting approval for super visa application is made compulsory by Canadian government.

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Benefits of getting Super Visa Insurance from a Brampton Insurance provider

Super Visa Insurance is designed in a way to provide coverage for unplanned circumstances and help you handle situations for which you are not mentally or financially prepared. There are several terms and conditions that you must read thoroughly regarding eligibility criteria, covered benefits, any claim limitations or exclusions, and any mandatory clause. You have to keep the insurance document handy at the time of tour arrival in Canada.

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