Health & Dental Insurance

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Why should you invest in Health & Dental Insurance?

Medical services are one of the expensive services and are difficult to afford by the common public. After the pandemic, people have become more vulnerable. Health and Dental Insurance is what helps you in getting required services in case of any medical or dental emergency. Without insurance, any unplanned medical or dental expenses can hamper your financial condition badly. Having health and dental insurance brings relief from any unexpected financial burden on you and your family. It allows you to focus on medical-related issues without worrying about a hospital or dental clinic bills. In Canada, If you are a permanent resident you are eligible for government insurance also known as Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). OHIP provides basic health services and all are given the same services irrespective of their social, financial, or job status.  

The insurance plan offered by the government provides you with minimal benefits like Doctor / Hospital visits, hospitalization including bills for beds, prescribed medicines and nursing services, the necessary test needed for diagnosis, hospital-based dental surgery, and for some age groups the insurance covers prescribed medicine and eye tests. However, there is a long waiting time before you get an appointment under OHIP. There are a few essential health and dental services that are expensive and are not covered under OHIP. For additional coverage, you can buy a private insurance plan from insurance brokers in Canada. There are different health and dental insurance plans available and provide different levels for medical and dental services. 

The level of coverage offered under the insurance will depend on the premium you pay. If we go by statistics, 80% of Canadians are more likely of getting any type of chronic disease because of bad lifestyles choices. When it comes to getting regular treatment for any chronic disease requires a handsome amount. Especially, dental services are quite expensive and vary from one clinic to another. There are no set price standards.  To save yourself from any unexpected financial burden it is wise to purchase suitable health and dental insurance that suits your requirement and budget.  

Benefits of additional Health & Dental Insurance

Do’s and Don’ts of Health & Dental Insurance

There are various health and dental insurance plans available in the Insurance market.

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